Our Initiatives


Electric Chariots and Special Olympics

Olympia of Palm Beach is partnering with The Special Olympics in sponsoring Electric Chariots for contestants in the Chariot Racing portion of the Olympics. 

Electrical Chariots - Chariots have been around for centuries and they continue to serve and enhance different industries such as transportation, entertainment and the sport of chariot racing.  The electric chariot contains a horse-charged battery with the capacity to power electric cars, bicycles, motorcycles and onboard electronics. This sustainable chariot is bridging the gap between the traditional sulky driven trotter and the electric and sports car industries.


Horses Healing Hearts 

Olympia of Palm Beach supports the horses injured in the SFTC Barn# 9 Fire that took the lives of 12 horses and left 11 in need of critical medical care. 

Five of the eleven horses are in critical condition at Reid & Associates Equine Hospital in Loxahatchee and Sam Stathis, owner of Olympia, is pulling all punches to get them the best care possible.

Stathis has been trying to get renowned equine internists, cold laser therapy specialists, dialysis experts and has reached out to human burn center doctors across the country to help with their knowledge and practices to help the rescued horses to survive.


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